Transcript show: ‘Hello World’.

May 18, 2006

Since the entire world is blogging, I thought I would show my individuality by joining the teeming masses.

My name is Demas, and welcome to Live From Thessalonica.

In real life, my name isn’t Demas and I don’t live in Thessalonica, but these are mere facts which should not be allowed to get in the way of the truth.

If you want to see more of me, visit the wonderful Ship of Fools, where you will find me pontificating about many things of which I know little.

Shout out to the also wonderful Boy in the Bands blog. Read it, it’s good.


4 Responses to “Transcript show: ‘Hello World’.”

  1. universalist Says:

    Ah! How kind of you to say. I got my start — and came up with my moniker — at Ship of Fools.

    — Scott Wells/Boy in the Bands

  2. demas Says:

    We’ve actually met (well, not actually, but cyberspacially if you know what I mean) – I’ve posted a few comments on your blog under the tag ‘Rusty’.

    Didn’t know you had any connection with the SoF, though! SoF has been my main playground for a couple of years now.

    I’m not up with this blogging tech yet … how did you find this blog so soon? I strongly suspect you were the first person in the world to read it!

  3. Scott Wells Says:

    It’s a WordPress feature in the Dashboard. It shows who is linking to you.

  4. demas Says:

    Ah. Interesting, thank you.

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