Have you ever seen a moderate Goth?

June 6, 2006

I was discussing the decline of moderate Christianity of the sort my parents’ generation believed in the other day with an atheist friend of mine. We were talking about how young Christians increasingly see themselves as members of a subculture – or ‘countercultural’ as the lingo goes. Where I live Christianity has become a statement that you are different from the people around you – that, thanks be to God, you are not like other men.

My friend said “well of course if Christianity sees itself as a subculture it will become more extreme. After all, have you ever seen a moderate Goth?”.


One Response to “Have you ever seen a moderate Goth?”

  1. Vincent kopi Says:

    Yep, i have seen a moderate goth.

    He likes modern goth music but also alternative rock

    he wears black goth trench coats and buckled sleeves but he would never wear makeup.

    He has some variation of emo/visual kei hair but he smiles and is cheery.

    So isnt that a moderate goth?

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