Learning WordPress

June 23, 2006

Well, I’ve changed my template from “Rubric 1.0” to “Simpla 1.01” by Phu Lym, which I think is less harsh – more serif font. What does everyone think?

Putting together a website is really easy nowdays!

What I can’t seem to do is get a list of links over on my sidebar. I’ve dragged the ‘links’ tab to what I think is the right position, but nothing comes up! Oh well, I’ll keep trying.


3 Responses to “Learning WordPress”

  1. hatless Says:

    Where should a complete moron look to learn how to make a website?

  2. demas Says:

    If you are talking about yourself, you are several steps above complete moron – you already have a blog and participate in online forums 🙂

    You can make a website from a blog like WordPress by adding fixed pages like the ‘About Me’ page on the right – you can even make one of the fixed pages the front page. That’s a really easy way if you already know how to use blogging software.

    If you have a Mac then they come with software to easily put together a website; or you can use webpage editing software like Nvu but that requires a little more knowledge of how web pages work and more aesthetic decisions.

    I suppose my answer depends on what the purpose of the site will be (individual, group etc) and how much you want to learn (as opposed to the simplest way to get something nice online).

  3. hatless Says:

    Thanks. I’m thinking of a church website, which will have content that doesn’t change much, and which I think I’d want to have it’s own domain name – I’m assuming that would make it easier to find through a search engine.

    I don’t mind learning stuff. I don’t want to spend much! I’d quite enjoy making decisions about layout etc.

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