Hello UConvo

July 15, 2006

Several people have been reading my blog from the Yahoo Group UConvo · Universalist Convocation, which describes itself as:

This is the mailing list of the Universalist Convocation –
while sanctioned,this is not an offical list for messages from the Universalist Convocation, but a “chat” list for folks with Universalist Convocation concerns and topics.

Hello and welcome! Who are you? What do you do?


2 Responses to “Hello UConvo”

  1. StevenR Says:

    Gulp, Im responsible for that!
    Somebody asked about ways to get the message about Universalist heritage out there – and I mentioned that I mentioned somethings on your blog, and included a link. Hope you dont mind!

    As far as I know, only one other person on that list besides me, reguarly reads blogs.

    the members of the Universalist Convocation mailing list are folks who are interested in Universalism past and present and future. it’s a small list, everyone there (at least currently) has been to an Universalist Convacation. They are everything from ordained Ministers to mainly laymembers. Last time, the UC had two folks come in from outside the US – from Germany and Bulgaria (the Bulgarian was a guest of the convocation).
    As to what the list does- it’s a chat list….

    note: I am not now nor ever been a leader of the Universalist Convocation.

  2. Scott Wells Says:

    I’ve heard the Universalist Convocations described as the last vestige — unofficial, though — of the Universalist General Convention. That’s not proper given the UGC (dba Universalist Church of America) is a part of the UUA, but the feeling is there.

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