Beautiful Heretic reviews Evangelical Universalist

August 1, 2006

Brian Smith, who blogs as a universalist at The Beautiful Heresy, has read The Evangelical Universalist, and has given a review, which concludes:

The book is not exactly a light read. It’s pretty scholarly and is loaded with scriptural references and footnotes. It’s well researched and well written. I wish we knew a little more about the author and why he (or she) chose to write under a pen name. In my hierarchy of books on Universalism, I would put this one, in terms of the strength of the case it makes, pretty close to Talbott’s “The Inescapable Love of God”. But, in terms of readability, I’d put it below “What The Bible Really Says About Hell” or “Martin Zender Goes to Hell”. Its real strength, I believe lies in the credibility it might have among evangelicals. But, the author has managed to keep his strong Protestant Evangelical faith in the Bible and to embrace a Universlist perspective. I am hopeful that he can speak to people who are more reticent to give up their inerrant and literal view of the Bible than some of us might be.


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