Universalist Church in Scotland

August 21, 2006

One of the interesting things about blogs is when people find your blogs from search engines, you can see what they were searching for when they found you.

Someone came across this site using the improbable search term “Universalist Church in Scotland” (I’ve had a lot of searches lately for variations of “Carlton Pearson Homosexual” too. Don’t know what’s going on there)

Universalist Church in Scotland? Sounds like a denominational name (the ‘in’ rather than ‘of’ is interesting – compare the Uniting Church in Australia vs. United Church of Canada)

So, are we looking for an outpost of UUism, a mistaken search, or something strange?

I did my own search.

And I eventually found record of a Universalist Church in the town of Scotland, Windham County, Connecticut:

During the decade from 1840 to 1850 a flash of Universalist sentiment appears to have run through the churches in this part of Connecticut. A church of that order was organized in this neighborhood, and in 1843 a meeting house was built. This flourished fairly well for a few years under the ministrations of Reverend H. Slade, but its active life was short, and it has long since become a thing of the past.

So there you are.

Well, not quite.

There is also this woman, a reference to Glasgow Universalists and a Scottish Universalist Convention and these universalists turned unitarians turned humanists turned undefinablemishmasians (where have I seen that before?). But I can’t find more info about it online. The UUA site is broad but shallow – get this stuff online, people! If it is not online it may as well not exist.


One Response to “Universalist Church in Scotland”

  1. Scott Wells Says:

    Scotland was one of the Universalist General Conventions mission fields. I’m sure they based the work on sporatic “outbreaks” of Universalism that existed in the eighteenth century.

    See chapter 22 of Russell E. Miller’s The Larger Hope, vol. 2.

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