A loveless Creation

March 8, 2007

Boy in the Bands hat tips Stephen Retherford writing at Sisyphus and points out CreationWiki and Conservapedia, ‘conservative’ alternatives to Wikipedia.

Scott rightly points out that these projects are doomed for lack of long term contributors – centrally enforced groupthink doesn’t wash in a networked pluralistic world where leaving is just a click away.

I’m less certain, however, that the Internet doesn’t have the ability to create self-enforcing groupthink: self selecting groups spinning in more and more radical ways. Look at the online political blogwars between increasingly strident sites such as DailyKos and Little Green Footballs for example.

In any case, I offer my condemnation of both these ‘Christian’ sites: although they claim to be about Christianity and Creation, neither CreationWiki nor Conservapaedia have thought it important to write a page about Love.


I haven’t checked these people out yet (beyond a quick scan of their website) so I’m not in any way endorsing them, but I thought I would highlight a post made by Eric Stetson:

I am in the process of organizing an ecumenical organization called the Universalist Churches Association. This will be a community of faith (churches, ministries, and individuals) representing and proclaiming a coherent theological Christian Universalism. We are essentially trying to resurrect the Universalist Church of America in a new form.

This organization is brand new — it was founded in January 2007. Several Christian Universalist ministers, evangelists, authors and scholars from a diversity of traditions have already gotten involved. Rev. Kalen Fristad, a Methodist minister, traveling evangelist, and author of the book “Destined For Salvation,” is chairman of our board of directors.

This is going to be a very serious, significant organization uniting Universalist Christians — or at least we hope and expect that this will prove to be the case, God willing.

Visit our website: www.universalistchurches.org

If you like what we are doing, please spread the word!

Eric Stetson
Executive Director,
The Universalist Churches Association

They have an online Statement of Belief, which seems to be freshly written (and somewhat longer than Winchester).  

I would be interested in the comments of anyone who has come across this group and knows who they are, what theological approach lies beneath their beliefs and so on.