RIP TNIV (c) Zondervan

September 2, 2009

The announcement that Biblica (aka International Bible Society) and Zondervan (aka Rupert Murdoch) are withdrawing the TNIV Bible from sale and will, in a couple of years, update the older NIV is just a small reminder:

You do not own your Bible.  You own the physical paper it is printed on, you own the ink.  You own the cover.  The text itself is owned by the translator and publisher, and you have a limited right to use that text for your own personal non-profit use.

So when the publisher decides to remove a translation from sale, then you better take very good care of the bits of paper and glue that you do own because when they finally give up the ghost you will not be able to replace them.

And if you are accessing that text through a website or a Kindle? Ah well.