76,559,103 words today

May 10, 2009

According to the admin page for wordpress.com, it hosts 215,944 bloggers, who wrote 238,126 new posts comprising 76,559,103 words today.  Interestingly, there are more posts than bloggers which means that some bloggers have been more than compensating for the fact that I haven’t posted here since the end of 2007.

It is odd looking back at things you have written in the past, especially for religion.  It isn’t that I necessarily disagree with what I have written, it seems plausible enough (I guess), but that I’m not sure how much it really matters in the scheme of things.

After all, true Christianity is first and foremost about the quality of relationships – everything else is hot air.

Anyway, an experiment.  Back to blogging for a little while at least to see what happens.  (And maybe some other stuff, but let’s keep that a surprise)